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Good platformer game!! I like the puzzles than the game gave to you to resolve to pass to the next room and the enemies than the game have!!

I gave some feedback using the feedback option of the game, so I hope than you consider it

Good job doing the game!! I will continue playing it until I finish it and also I will continue giving my feedback :D


Hello ! Thanks for your comment, it’s always a pleasure !

I’m happy you enjoyed playing the game, stay tuned for future updates, the next one will be in a few days or weeks, depending of the amount of work we have ^^

PS: I’ll give you updates on your different feedbacks, we take care of every feedback when we receive them 😊


Hi! You're welcome :D
I will stay tuned for the future updates!!
Also I hope than my feedback helps to improve the game!!


Love this game! It was very intriguing. 


Hi ! Thanks for playing and giving us your comment ! We’re currently improving the general platform gameplay in an update that will come in a few days, so stay in touch !

(and yes, some parts are quite harder than the rest 👀)


Great looking game for the most part, I feel like the main character clashes a bit with the rest of the world. Great UI and controller support, however you can only bind one input to an action on a controller, movement by default is using the left thumbstick, dpad doesn’t move the character. I was feeling a lot of input lag playing on 1080p with a UHD 630, the setting presets didn’t seem to do anything, had to drop down to 768p for acceptable framerate, feels a bit demanding to me. The movement could get some more work, player always jumps with the same height, holding down jump doesn’t affect the jump height, double jumping refills the dash, doesn’t feel natural to me. Gameplay could also get some more work, it would be nice if enemies got knocked back when damaged. I’ve gotten myself soft locked because a timed door closed on me with no way of opening it from inside.

Overall great game, worth the asking price or buying in a bundle. Looking forward to more games!


Hello ! I’m glad you love our game ! About the main character, we plan to redesign him (he was made before we thought of making a game 😅) in a future update. Concerning controller support, yep, definitely a good idea to add a second bind, I’ll work on that ! For the input lag, I haven’t heard about it, I’ll take a deep look at this, I’m sorry if you had any.. Better movement of player and ennemies is also coming in a future update, but for the variable jump height, I’ll check if it’s possible to implement it

Thanks again, we really appreciate the support ! 💜

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A very promising game!

“good” graphics leaving a really interesting immersion.

Fun and original mechanics in the idea.

For indi It's really fun. I can’t wait to see game  evolve and find its audience! 

 Thank you for the great moments of play.


Ohh thanks for that kind comment ! Really appreciate it, we tried our best with the level we have We’ve got some updates on the road, keep an eye on the game 😊


The graphics are stunning. Very fluid game and very interesting gameplay. Incredible !  5/5

Thanks for your tought ! Glad you love it, we tried our best ^^